Swishtails Custom Horsehair Jewelry

New! The Triple 8-Square Bracelet with a Bead! It was inspired by my horse’s eye: a brown ball floating in white sclera rimmed by black lids and set into a red face!

I’triple spreadm a horse owner who can braid jewelry from your horse’s hair to help you celebrate the special bond you share.  My services include a full shopping experience from consultation to gift wrapping.

The best parts of my job are the creative opportunities and the wonderful stories shared by my clients.

Select MY JEWELRY (or FOR MOBILE USERS) to see prices.

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Horse in Woods 100dpi (1)


September, 2017. Swishtails’ owner has published a book of swish tales! AT HOME ON A HORSE IN THE WOODS: A Memoir is available in Kindle ($2.99 and paperback ($12.99)  at https://www.amazon.com//dp/194216630

And also at: Destinations Booksellers in New Albany, IN; Carmichael’s Bookstore in Louisville, KY; and the bookstore at Unity Village outside Lee’s Summit, MO.



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